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the bible

Sometimes called the Good Book, Holy Scripture, and Scripture, the Bible is a collection of writings sacred to religions including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These noted religions believe the sacred writings are revelations from God.

The Christian Bible consists of two sections: the Old and New Testaments. Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox versions contain certain books considered questionable by Protestants. The Hebrew Bible Bible includes only the books of the Old Testament.

The New Testament is a collection of books. The four Gospels depict the life and teachings of Jesus. They include the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The book of Acts tells the story of Christianity from the Resurrection of Jesus to the death of the apostle Paul. The Epistles are a collection of multiple letters to the church. Lastly, the Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ to John. Better known as the Apocalypse, the Book of Revelation describes the future. It sheds light on what the world will be like in the end times, before the return of Jesus Christ.