The Church

Hireling Pastor Tells Congregation Not To Wear Facemasks

Pastors are shepherds of God’s people. Shepherds are supposed to protect God’s sheep, not lead them to the enemy. However, hireling pastors have crept into God’s labor field and have persuaded the sheep to follow them rather than follow Christ,… Read More ›

God Hears You When You Pray, Ask and Receive

Two friends, one an avid churchgoer, the other a seldom church visitor, went on a fishing trip. On their way out to sea, they got into a heated conversation about whose prayer God answers. The churchgoing friend asked, “Does God… Read More ›

Coronavirus And Church Love, Is the Faithful Defeated

Many Christians are hopeful that their faith alone will sustain them during the coronavirus pandemic. But why do the faithful feel the necessity to go to church in the midst of such a deadly pandemic? Is church worship about faith,… Read More ›