“I Will Help You,” Says the Lord

Do not be afraid, I will help you

Isaiah 41:14
“Fear not, I will help you.”

Hear what the Lord is saying to you today: “I will help you,” says the Lord. God is our present help in trouble. We live in a troublesome world—a world that demands strength. But where do we find the strength to endure these troubling times? Whatever you are going through, do not be afraid or dismayed. The Lord is your strength and fortress and He will be with you to help you.

Friends, it is but a small thing for the Lord to assist you in your everyday affairs. Consider what He has already done. He died for you and purchased you with His blood. Before the world began, the Lord chose you. He laid aside the glory He had with the Father before there was light for you. He gave up His life for you while you were still in sin. If the Lord did all this, surely He will help you in your distress.

Why do we take so little from the Lord when He has so much to give? Do not be afraid. Wait on the Lord, for He is your helper. He will be with you to help you. Today, set your mind on God. The scripture says, “God will keep you in perfect peace when you keep your mind on Him” (Isiah 26:3). Throughout the day, allow God to minister to you. The Lord will uphold you with His righteous hand.

Satan and all the powers of darkness might come against you, but do not be afraid. Your life is in God’s hands. Our God is God. He created the heavens and the earth. He is a God of power, wisdom, and glory, therefore you have nothing to fear.

“Heavenly Father, I come to You and ask You in Jesus’ Name that you set me free from any wrong thoughts, fear, doubt, unbelief, wrong believing, any lies of the devil that come to make me afraid. Today dear God, I will not fear, for by faith, I know you are with me, and by faith, I know you will help me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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