The Fundamentals of Faith Create Endless Possibilities

When you understand the fundamentals of faith, you create endless possibilities. It is quintessential to pleasing God. Every Christian knows that faith comes by hearing, and hearing or understanding comes by the word of God. Christianity’s foundation is built on faith. When we properly learn faith basics, they create unlimited possibilities for the believer. Faith… Read More ›

Trouble Will Not Last, Joy Comes In the Morning

I have not written in a while. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands. I have undergone surgery on my right hand, and thanks to God, it is healing quite well. My condition has been painful and sometimes frustrating. But it has also been a… Read More ›

coronavirus and the church

Coronavirus And Church Love, Is the Faithful Defeated

Why do the faithful feel the necessity to go to church in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic? Is church worship about faith, worshiping God, or love of social life? In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic does God require us to praise Him in mass numbers? Can we revere God without assembling in large… Read More ›

Five Ways To Process Death of a Family Member

Processing the death of a family member can be very challenging, and the grieving process can be very painful. Most people will experience the pain of losing a close family member or a loved one at least once in their lifetime. No one likes to talk about death. However, death is the one thing that is… Read More ›


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About Believing Faith

Hello, my name is Eric Dunbar. Thanks for stopping by to visit, and welcome to my blog. Believing Faith is about building confidence. I believe it is important that we know what we believe. That is why I blog about faith. I am confident that faith must not only believe, but it must also speak.… More about Believing Faith

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