Free The Captives, No More Chains, Not Guilty

You have been convicted of sin and the verdict is in. What’s the verdict? NOT GUILTY! Jesus came to earth bearing the good news of salvation. He came to free the captives. The synagogue’s attendant handed Jesus the book of… Read More ›

Learn How to Increase Your Faith

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We live in a world in which faith is a necessary element of survival. It is important that we know what we believe. Because if all we do is trust in the opinions of others, we will ultimately lose our own identity. Faith believes. Malcolm X said, “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

Building Self Confidence

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to build confidence. Even though you know what you believe, it is essential that you know the truth concerning what you believe. Because in today’s world, there is “truth” and what has become a popular saying, “alternate truth.”

The Bridge

Faith is having confidence in the things we hope for. Although they are not visible to our physical eyes, we believe that God is working our hope into physical existence. It is the bridge that links us to the spiritual realm and makes God a touchable reality.

Create Your World

By believing God, we create our own individual environments – the worlds in which we live.

  • Be confident that the unseen world is real.
  • Believe that the things we create in the spiritual realm will manifest as reality.


When we trust God it guarantees that God’s promises and Biblical revelations are true. We cannot detect these revelations and promises with our physical senses. However, by trusting God, we have the certitude that our expectations will come to pass. Faith is the tangible quintessence that the things we hope for become so concrete that even belief itself becomes a definitive reality of those things that are not yet visible. Your faith becomes so tangible that you actually believe you possess those things in the spiritual realm.

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